Don't kill My App Make App Work

 Benchmark and fix dependability of foundation errands on your telephone to make applications work 

The authority DontKillMyApp application is here - make applications at last work appropriately regardless of whether you don't possess a Pixel. 

Causes you set up your telephone foundation errands so that your applications can at last work for YOU in any event, when not taking a gander at the screen at the present time. 

Perceive how is your telephone getting along and test various settings with DontKillMyApp benchmark. 

◆ Highlights:- 

• DKMA benchmark: Measure how forcefully is your telephone murdering foundation applications 

• Guides: Get significant strides to conquer most foundation measure limitations 

• Make a change:️Help cell phones stay keen by sharing your benchmark report to 

DontKillMyApp is a benchmark apparatus to perceive how well does your telephone uphold foundation preparing. You can gauge prior to setting up your telephone, at that point experience the arrangement aides and benchmark again to perceive what amount has your telephone been loosen out of sight. 

You can share your report through the application to the maintainers of the site who aggregate it and base the general negative score on it. 

How does the benchmark work? [Specialized!] 

The application begins a closer view administration with a wake lock and timetables dreary errand on the primary string, a custom string agent and timetables standard alerts [AlarmManager.setExactAndAllowWhileIdle]. At that point it computes executed versus anticipated. That is it.

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