Phone Shortcut Tool

 Deal with your applications, instruments, climate, music, occasion as excellence custom skimming button. 

Setting App,Tool Control 

Gives you all you require a large portion of a telephone. 

One gliding button on screen will control all component of your telephone. 

◆ Usage:-

1.) Empower device. you have drifting catch with other size and style. You can custom it on setting. 

2.) Snap on skimming button - > Open window with all you require - > time, occasion, climate, music, apparatuses, most loved application, ongoing application... 

3.) Swipe start to finish to close the window without any problem. 

4.) Since advantage of you.Tool ask some authorization on clench hand time use. kindly award it. 

● Floating Button App,Tool Control has the accompanying capacities. 

● Update climate data at the client's area 

● Manage singular occasions and plans that occur during the day 

● Fast music player the executives easy route. 

● Phone speed control instruments keys (turn on, wifi off, streak, bluetooth, wifi hostpot, turn off screen, pivot screen, ringing tone....) 

● Manage your most loved applications and instrument 

● Show as of late utilized applications 

● Users can undoubtedly alter the size and style of the apparatus. 

● So home screen can not require anything aside from Toolbar. Extremely delightful and helpful. Appropriate for individuals who like to utilize little symbol outside the screen. 

●  Swipe Setting App,Tool Control ask consent to dynamic devices. 

◆ Permision:-

Camera, Fine Location, Write setting framework, Notification, Accessibility, Read stockpiling, Write stockpiling, Calendar, Admin device.... 

All consent assist device with canning use with all capacity. You will spare many time when utilize this apparatus. 

This application utilizes the Device Administrator authorization 

• BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN : We need this permisson to empower Tool "Turn On/Off your screen". So please acknowledge this authorization to utilize this apparatus. 

• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : it's for gliding bar is over the top with other application, so you can get to it during utilizing other application 

• ACCESS_WIFI_STATE && CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : you can turn on/off wifi in skimming bar by snap to wifi symbol, no need go to settings 

• WRITE_SETTINGS : it's for change pivot work 

• FLASHLIGHT : it's for work spotlight applied with android M above 

 • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : if befor you restart your telephone, turn on my application, after restart it will consequently turn on.

• BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN: to turn on/off bluetooth

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