Notepin For Android App

A normal human checks his/her telephone 80 times each day which implies his/her eyes checks the warning zone multiple times in the wake of starting the day and before resting. 

With the assistance of this application included notes are appeared in notice bar and are clingy which implies they are not swipe-capable dissimilar to general warnings. The warnings continually helps you to remember errands that is earnest and you dread to overlook. For instance filling a test structure, calling somebody or wishing somebody. 

◆ Notes Sorting Order:- 

Notes can be arranged based on need levels, as of late included first and as of late included last. 

• Need Levels:- 

Notes can be included with three levels, High, Medium and Low. Each note has a tone related with it which is appeared as an image in the warning connoting the earnestness of the work.

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